August 24, 2015

Switching to Natural (ish)

Hey Team,

Sorry I've been a tad absent from the internet. A new job will do that to you.

But one adventure I haven't really explored until recently is the overwhelming adventure of natural products. I house and dog sit for wonderful people who have got me hooked on some awesome products, but geez louise some of them are kind of expensive. Please let me assure you I'm not adopting the dred look, or refraining from showering, just want to get a little more goodness in the routine, and see if I really see/notice a difference.

So here's some tips from little old me.

1. Switch on a replacement basis only.
Most of us don't have a trust fund to lean on, and switching over to all-natural products isn't easy on the wallet. Apparently natural ingredients are more expensive than chemicals, people. I haven't done all the research I could have, but I just simply started looking for alternatives when I needed toothpaste, or body wash, makeup, etc. I typically shop at Target and Smith's Marketplace, and both are great for all-natural products. I don't know how anyone who isn't Warren Buffett could do a switch of every product you use overnight. Start small, and don't get carried away with the idea of changing your whole life from the get go. Baby Steps.

2. Experiment. 
But don't switch your deodorant in July, okay? Jana made the awful mistake of trying to, and it's safe to say it's been a nightmare. You don't realize how much sweat and smell you can produce until you go to deodorant only, and no anti-perspirant. Natural Deodorants have been tough for me, but I bet it would have been ten times easier in the Winter or Spring. So be ready for some mood swings and body swings if you will. It ain't for the faint of heart.

3. Go with what works for you. 
The only disappointing part of switching to natural products for me was the hope that everything would be solved automatically. Like zits! But hormonal ones are a little more difficult to get rid of. So have realistic goals for your new products. I think my favorite moment was that first shower with new shampoo and conditioner from Jason's, and my hair felt great after a huge let down from Paul Mitchell. You have a specific set of needs, so make sure you are pleased with what you are using, and don't feel like you need to settle. The lucky part about being a consumer is you have many choices, and finding what you love can be exciting.

Good luck on the path to Au Natural.


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