October 11, 2015

Swear Jars and Romance Novels

Hey Team,

Two months! Two months I have been MIA. I got a new job and have been navigating the bus, students, wordpress, and other adventures.

So life is really good! Is that bad to blog about? I feel like sometimes if you are too happy, then another shoe is going to drop somewhere along the line. But I'll ride this train as long as humanly possible! One shining area of my life is great, so I'm starting to look at other areas to polish up again.

After general conference, I'm hoping to get my act together when I am frustrated and pay my new swear jar each time I say something not very nice. The proceeds are going towards Rock the U, the Dance Marathon my office puts on each year to benefit Huntsman Cancer Institute, and this year we will partner with Primary Children's Hospital and Children's Miracle Hospitals so it should be amazing! Hopefully I won't have too much to donate by January 29th! (insert smiling sweating emoji here) The rules are as follows: If you swear in front of another person in the office, you must pay the swear jar. The more offensive the word, the higher change you pay (i.e. small ones could be anywhere from a penny to a nickel or dime, a quarter for the big time ones)

Speaking of self-control, I've put the audio book version of Austenland on my library waiting list for like, the 45th time. I personally don't really see the difference between watching a Rom-Com or Period Piece, and reading/listening to a romance novel. Does anyone else out there have to set a limit for themselves? The mind/imagination is a dangerous thing, and I don't allow myself too many of these kinds of shows/books since my mind will just create all of the fantastic scenarios that will never happen in real life, and then I'm more disappointed with my reality than in the first place. Why can't non-fiction be more exciting sometimes!?

Here's to Pennies in my jar, and Miss Erstwhile,


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