September 1, 2018

Resurrection Part 2

Hey Team,

I saw that I posted on here about a year ago promising resurrection, so here we go again.

What has happened in the past year?

I moved into an apartment by myself

I was blessed with a newer car

I went to the UK and Hawaii

I have a fully furnished house thanks to the generosity of friends and family

I got a certificate of completion for a financial self-reliance class, and a diversity certificate

I completed another summer of orientations

I made some new friends

Got a little more life under my belt

Again, more promises, but this feels nice to be back. Hopefully the start of many posts.


August 11, 2017


Hey Team,

Here we are, 2:45 in the morning, since someone fell asleep at 8:30pm. Since January the following has happened:

Graduated College
Paid off more student loans
Had a roommate for 2 months
Survived 26 Orientation programs
Hit my year mark at work
Got a calling in my ward
Lost 10 pounds
Best Friend got Married
Got my first passport

Seems like nearly everything in addition to that living stuff.

Trying to resurrect this!

More to come,


January 19, 2017

Waving @ the wrong person @ the Gym

Hey Team,

Have you ever thought you recognized someone at the gym, it actually was not them, but you didn't stop yourself in time before waving? Yeah, me neither. BUT, it's more important I'm back at the gym right? Having a buddy really, really, really helps. It's felt nice to accomplish something before work instead of just rolling out of bed and hoping for the best.

My birthday and Christmas were especially sweet, and I'm so happy to be able to enter the new year so blessed and refreshed from the break. A few other updates are I'm still roommate-less, so hopefully broadcasting it will not disrupt the rapture of watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix whenever I have a moment. (Or, in all honesty making moments to watch).

I am now the proud owner of a ukulele in addition to my guitar, so I'm hoping to play that more/learn to be better at it this year. Also getting back to physical books is another goal, finishing more books all the way through, and reading what I have on my shelf.

Next, I'm hoping to truly and completely break-up with Sally May this year, and pay off the rest of my student loans. It may take until May 2018 if nothing changes, but I'll have a degree in May, and that can only lead to good things, right?

Resolutions < Goals

Here's to making 2017 your ACTUAL year,