August 11, 2017


Hey Team,

Here we are, 2:45 in the morning, since someone fell asleep at 8:30pm. Since January the following has happened:

Graduated College
Paid off more student loans
Had a roommate for 2 months
Survived 26 Orientation programs
Hit my year mark at work
Got a calling in my ward
Lost 10 pounds
Best Friend got Married
Got my first passport

Seems like nearly everything in addition to that living stuff.

Trying to resurrect this!

More to come,


January 19, 2017

Waving @ the wrong person @ the Gym

Hey Team,

Have you ever thought you recognized someone at the gym, it actually was not them, but you didn't stop yourself in time before waving? Yeah, me neither. BUT, it's more important I'm back at the gym right? Having a buddy really, really, really helps. It's felt nice to accomplish something before work instead of just rolling out of bed and hoping for the best.

My birthday and Christmas were especially sweet, and I'm so happy to be able to enter the new year so blessed and refreshed from the break. A few other updates are I'm still roommate-less, so hopefully broadcasting it will not disrupt the rapture of watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix whenever I have a moment. (Or, in all honesty making moments to watch).

I am now the proud owner of a ukulele in addition to my guitar, so I'm hoping to play that more/learn to be better at it this year. Also getting back to physical books is another goal, finishing more books all the way through, and reading what I have on my shelf.

Next, I'm hoping to truly and completely break-up with Sally May this year, and pay off the rest of my student loans. It may take until May 2018 if nothing changes, but I'll have a degree in May, and that can only lead to good things, right?

Resolutions < Goals

Here's to making 2017 your ACTUAL year,


September 28, 2016

Sprain City and other updates

Hey Team,

Apologies for the absence. Nothing like a good old fashioned job change to keep you from certain aspects of your life, which, apparently is blogging.

Here's a recap of the last 3 months.

July- Flew to Denver to see Peter Gabriel and Sting in a combined show. I can't aptly describe how amazing it was. Start to finish it was truly unbelievable.

Made an amazing batch of bruchetta, which I'm beyond proud of. Next time you are in the business of making some, ditch the mozzarella and basil, and throw on some butter and warm just enough to melt the butter. Slap on some avocado, tomatoes, and balsamic reduction, and you are two steps from heaven.

My next cooking break-through happened when I went off recipe yet again. I made chicken hummus wraps which were crazy good and really simple. Cooked the chicken in olive oil, warmed the tortilla, spread some hummus, cheese and arugula, and topped with a sweet vinaigrette and they were really tasty. Who know going off the cuff could go so well? Twice?!

August- Went to Coldplay's farewell show in Salt Lake. Now I'm very sad about this. Over 10 years of music that has been the soundtrack to my life is tough to say goodbye to. Maybe Chris will continue writing. I would never say no to that.

September- Sprained my right wrist and ankle in one fail swoop. Circuit training box jumps aren't for the faint of heart, even when stepping up and stepping down. It truly was a freak accident, and I was very lucky. I even got to hobble down to the employee clinic downstairs and see the doc for free, and didn't have to go to the ER or anything. So physical therapy appointment next week, and we'll see what the PT says.

We had our stake women's conference and we did an amazing service activity with Days for Girls which makes period kits for girls locally and internationally who may not have access to pads and tampons. Some cultures believe that periods bring bad vibes or spirits to a village or community, and are never spoken about. Not even mother to daughter in many cases. So the packs come with a little education card, and the cloth pads and liners should last the girls about 3 years. This ensures they can feel confident during their periods and they don't have to hide away. Sadly many girls miss so much school during their periods that they get behind and never return. So we made tons of packs, more than they had ever seen, and I was good and tired at the end.

Mat Kearney came to Red Butte with Needtobreathe. It rained and poured, but we got two songs out of Needtobreathe, and a full set out of Mat. So bummer for sure.

Watched Stranger Things, and I cannot get enough. So good!!!!!

Then Monday we went and saw Mumford and Sons and man was that a show.

So there's the past three months more or less.

More to come, Promise.

Here's to Eleven and Mike,