June 4, 2015


Hey Team,

When presented with a Mormon dance party, you have one to two very obvious options. You can go and have a blast, or you can go and leave early.

But when attending such an event, you need three very important things.

First, you need something to wear that you can dance in. In my case, I bought a dress from Ross for a cool $21, picked out by my shopping buddies as before mentioned.

Second, you need a great DJ. This truly kills any party, even with the best of intentions. They need to have a diverse knowledge of the music that spans back at least 50 years, and picks out best tunes to bring the house down.

Third, you need a squad. You need people you can make a fool of yourself with, and those that will stand by you as you try and attempt Thriller, without ever really having learned the dance in its entirety. You will  need them to go outside to cool down with, and when prompted, sing the entire Pokemon theme because you forgot what it sounds like.

The DJ was kind enough to grace us with The Cure's Friday I'm in Love, and a tool from my ward literally uttered the words, "Is this Billy Idol?" No, you putz. Now get out of my sight.

So here's my squad. We danced for like 3 hours with only took like 4 to 5 breaks, and after a 12 hour day, that turned into a 19 hour day, I was sure glad to have them with me. These white smiles and non red eyes may be digitally enhanced.

Here's to the Mo's who know how to get down,


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