May 15, 2015

Shopping with Boys

Hey Team,

A week ago today I had a pretty fabulous night. Fabulous might not be the right term. More like, interesting as hell. Sometimes after any week, long or short, it feels like doing something on Friday is a joke. How did I do this in High School? But everyone who knows me well understands that when I'm fed, I'm happiest, even when extremely tired.

It started with some dress shoes needing to be purchased. Then two more friends wanted to hang out. And then there were four. It's always stressful for me to bring friends together from various times of your life. High School, College, and people you've been friends with your entire life. But since we spoke about the various ways we all might die during the "Big One", (the earthquake scientists have been warning us about for the past 50 years), over dinner, I figured maybe the night would go well.

Then hoping to steer the conversation away from West Bountiful's quicksand fate during a major earthquake, we walked over to Nordstrom Rack. For the record, I want a quick death, and I don't even want to know what's happening. Thanks. We searched high and low for the right shoes, and naturally found many pairs that would suffice. One of the three boys got lost in the men's section, so the three of us moved onto Ross.

I was hoping to find a new dress, as I always am. But with two extra people looking as well, I suddenly had four dresses, and was being rushed to the dressing rooms to see which would work best with my booty that won't quit. Trying on dresses with boys is a completely different game. Granted, I'm related to one, and the other is only a friend. But even shopping with my Dad, I feel self-conscious and nervous. But the funniest line of night was, "That one's pretty short, maybe not. But you might as well live it up before you go through the temple."

I hope this isn't the last shopping adventure with these three. Plus you have the opinions of those who know what men like, and it's a nice advantage to have. Though I still hold firmly to the fact that sea foam and navy do go together.

Here's to friend mixers,


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