June 19, 2015

A Feminist approach to "Bad Blood"

Hey Team,

So a while back, and also currently, it seemed the internet wanted to you make a decision. Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. Now, I personally am probably more on neutral ground here. I like both artists, there songs are catchy, and I tend to turn them up or quickly change the station in my car. They are both completely over played.

Here's where their "fight" has missed the boat, according to me.

If we're speaking legal-eze, maybe the dancers that were on tour with Taylor didn't have a contract. Legally, they weren't obligated to T-Swift, and they could freely choose whatever tour and singer they wanted to work with. Now if they did have a signed contract, then that's a different story. It was also unfortunate in the way it happened, allegedly Katy stealing them from under Taylor.

 Apart from the legal jargon I've attempted, I think the "fight" just puts us back 10 or 12 years on the feminist front, and here's why. Girl's are still being taught to fight each other, to hate each other, and to hold grudges. Personally, I'm great at holding grudges, but on a huge international stage, even our pop stars should either get over it or sue each other. We can never start fighting the patriarchy or the wrongs that happen to men and women everyday, if we're getting mad over a few dancers.

I expected a better revenge song from even you, Taylor.


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