July 1, 2015

"Do you have any jam?"

Hey Team,
Madison, Olivia, Joe and Ryan

I did it again. I planned, executed, and delivered an (almost) accident free over nighter for my ward. It's actually over. But it was loads of fun, and there was only one minor kitchen fire.

But my least favorite moment is the one worth sharing. A lactose intolerant YSA walked into the kitchen shortly after breakfast was served Saturday morning. It consisted of bagels, some shmear, cereal, fruit, juice, etc. But as she moped in and asked "Do you have any jam?", I answered with a "No." Cue heavy sigh. "I'm lactose intolerant." I said she could check the fridge since the group previous left some food in there. Cue another huge sigh. "Okay." Walks out of the kitchen.

These are the moments when the church is a little less true. It's still true, but sometimes I just want to strangle someone. Luckily she escaped unscathed.

Here's to being responsible for yourself,


Olivia, Iris and Ryan

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