May 1, 2015

Common Courtesy

Hey Team,

The following is a soap box kind of post. FYI.

First off, I'm very grateful for the people in my life that have taught me many lessons of being kind to everyone. My family, my friends, my leaders in whatever capacity, etc. We all fall short on this, and we all have really bad days sometimes. Certain days I'm too grumpy to even bother.  But nonetheless, here's my list of things that everyone should know and do, and there is simply no excuse to not follow these rules of being a decent human being.

  • Wave a thank you when driving. If someone has waited for you to pass on a street full of parked cars, wave a thank you. If you are a pedestrian, and someone waits for you to cross the street without a light or crosswalk, you need to wave a thank you to the driver. When people don't wave, or you don't thank someone for their courteous driving, Justin Bieber releases another single. Or I'll yell at you from my car. Don't take good drivers for granted. One day we might not have any left. 

  • Thank people who help you at work. Co-workers, people who help you on the service lines, anyone really. I try to never end an email with anything other than thank you. Unless I'm mad. Sensing a theme here? I've literally framed one thank you I received from a client who once threatened to kill me. I also have a folder at work where I keep all of my emails where people have thanked me. It's labeled Important. 

  • Thank those who work in retail or at restaurants. I thank them so much that they probably think I'm nuts. When they give me straws, or extra napkins, bring my food faster than expected, or that wonderful moment where you get free fry sauce. Plus we should all know by now that you always treat the people that can spit in your food very, very well. Tipping is also a huge part of this equation. I usually tip 20% because I know Karma is real. 

  • Finally, and I've mentioned this before, my favorite way of thanking people is with a hand-written note. This may highlight the 85 year old hiding inside of me, but it's so vital. Plus buying card packs at Target, and the sweet collections of stamps online with the post office is a must. It's also a nice way to say things we all forget to say day to day, or they are simply to tender to say face to face. Too many times it's sent through some form of technology, and it just isn't the same at all. Be old fashioned, it is really gratifying. 
Happy Friday Ya'll, 


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