February 18, 2015


Hey Team,

So I actually figured out a way to enjoy Valentines Day.

First, play about an hour or two of Plants Vs. Zombies. It's become my obsession since I was the luckiest girl ever and got an ipad mini for Christmas. It's just the best feeling when the "you won the level" music plays, and I feel slightly less scared of Zombies, but will never watch The Walking Dead as long as I live.

Second, forget your selfish self (meaning myself, not yourself), and make someone a Valentine. I am the make your own and hope for the best type, not the ones that agonize over them for hours and hours. All you need is some peppy "rocket red" cardstock from the illustrious Alphagraphics, a black sharpie, a white colored pencil for some hand drawn hearts (pictured below), and the epic fiscar (sp?) scissors with the cool edges. Plus, the candy I wanted to buy my valentine's (Sour Patch Kids Watermelon's, and Swedish Fish, DUH) were on sale at Smith's for a fabulous 2 for $3.
Then I delivered them in the glorious sunshine, and there was a Triple play of Boston on the Arrow 103.5. Can we say #winning!?

Third, go treat yo'self. After a few certain pitfalls with my last phone, I broke down and just went and got a new one from Augie down at the apple store. I'm not saying treat yourself to this every Holiday possible, but sometimes you just deserve something unplanned for because we have all most likely earned it.

Finally, fourth, receive a delightful snapchat with a wonderful spelling error, but it doesn't matter at all. Look at Landon! So Cute!

Hope everyone felt the love!


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