February 6, 2015


Hey Team,

Sorry to have left the building for a moment. Here's some updates.

Guster came to town a few weeks ago, and I met my eternal companion in the audience. He really was thoughKishi Bashi (Guster's opener) that just makes you feel young and alive and free.

. Standing there with his brown eyes and his beanie. But alas he didn't ask for my number, and we'll never know, will we? There's something about dancing awkwardly with a stranger to

Guster has turned into a group that I will see each time they come into town. Each show is so different, crazy, and just electrifying. My best friend introduced me to them WAY back in Junior High, and when I did the math, the band has been together one year longer than I've been alive. So there's that. But they are grand and I love them so very much.

As far as the eternal companion goes, he was really cute and funny, and it was a super fun night. I'll just leave it as a perfect memory, and continue with my hopes of a boy free 2015.

A week ago today I took another best friend Megan to her very first Comic Con. Technically Fan Experience, but just go with it. The people watching did not disappoint, and neither did the panels. She bought two, count them, two Doctor Who shirts, and I got a rad Abe Lincoln and Guardians of the Galaxy shirt. Everybody wins!

My Favorite part of Con = The prints!

Finally, for the recommendations. Don't login to Facebook, or Instagram on Valentine's Day. Just don't do it. Single, Married, whatever, it's really annoying and save yourself the trouble. Comparison is the thief of joy, or however they say it. Do what I did last year, just change into PJ's and watch TV whilst consuming an entire bag of Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears and celebrate you!

And, drum roll please, for the second recommendation. If you have Hulu Plus, start watching Miranda. It's comedian Miranda Hart, and she is a dream. It's like my life playing out before me on the BBC. She's hilarious and endearing, and the excruciating embarrassment she feels and lives through has been very therapeutic for me. Not that most of it has ever happened to me, but you always feel like the dumbest person in the world when you mess up, in whatever degree. If you need copies of the final two episodes, I ordered them from Amazon UK the other day. Let a sister know.

Here's to Tom Ellis, (you will soon find out who he is!)


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