December 5, 2014

Origin of Team

Hey Team,

Have I ever told you the origin of Team? Or why I begin every single post with it typically?

Well, if you will walk down memory lane with me, let's travel back to high school. Dun Dun DUUUUN. Nah, this was a funny memory. Imagine this one, attempting sports in Life Fitness? The class was called something like that. But me? Trying to slide her way through every sport you can think of easily, and nonchalantly? Guess again. But Rachel, dear Rachel, was and is a great friend of mine who would refer to the entire class as team. So I in fact, STOLE the saying from Rachel. But it was just so perfect that I've used it ever since.

Cheesily enough, I believe in the silver-lining/-there is good still in the world-kind of stuff, and we are truly all a team. No matter who is best a running the bases, striking out all of the time, or who is on the winning team. We all make those small differences for others everyday, even the little thank you at the end of every email I write.

Here's to us all,


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