November 7, 2014


Hey Team,

I went to the new Christopher Nolan film last night. Talk about brain bending! I consider myself as someone who has seen many, many movies that are really weird, and really out there. This movie wasn't necessarily one of those, but sitting among the University of Utah Physics Department, felt a little over my this right brain's head. Not that the movie wasn't amazing, breath taking, heart breaking kinda good, and I was inadvertently crying for a lot of it, but this lady didn't take enough science classes apparently. During one of the final scenes, there was an audible gasp, murmur from everyone who knew what was going on. I unfortunately wasn't one of these people. I spent the entire drive home trying to wrap my head around everything, and lucky for me Elton John's Rocket Man came on the radio to help my blown brain put the pieces back together. My cousin Augie luckily sent me a hilarious FAQ post to help me figure out the rest of the movie this morning. Text me if you need a copy after seeing it, it actually really helped! LOL

I highly recommend, just make sure you go during your best time of day, since it's almost a three hour movie. You need to be wide awake, and ready for a crazy ride through a black hole with Christopher Nolan, and the cast of Batman, minus Bruce. (I don't blame you Christopher, they are all so great!)

Here's to Alright, Alright, Alright,


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