November 3, 2014

Happenings Once Again

Hey Team,

Sorry I have been neglecting this wonderful blog. I do have a list of things I've thought about writing, but now that we're three days into November, it's going to get crazier by the minute at work, and I'll have less time to twiddle the thumbs, as it were.

So here is my life in pictures once again. (If only everyone were on SnapChat, you would know exactly what was going on)

Brooke's Wedding


CPK Pumpkin Cheesecake
St. Lucia (for my third time!)
Beat Jeff at plane trivia on the way to LA

Checked off seeing Craig Ferguson Live off the Bucket List

Stayed at the Farmer's Daughter, and ate fabulously at TART their restaurant
Penny reading Dennis the Menace

Ward Halloween Party

John's Birthday Celebration at Chuck A Rama

Successful Monthly Dinner with the Trifecta

Debt Free Paper Chain

Puccinni didn't have the best life huh?

So that's what has been happening, all in October actually. I'll keep you posted on November.

Here's to daylight savings,


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