August 13, 2014


Hey Team,

Sorry it's been a hot minute. Lots of things have happened, and here's the first of many posts.

Jessica and I went over to Colorado to see Ray LaMontagne. His show sold out at Red Butte, but undeterred, we decided it was time to finally visit the huge amphitheater. We stayed with our Aunt Dana and Uncle Larry up in Fort Collins, and they were as always, lots of fun. Thursday after we arrived, Dana gave us a tour of Old Fort Collins, and I spent way too much money on treats and Tom's. I feel like I always join fads when they are a few years old, just to be sure of things. I bought Jeff this funny package of mints, that had the irreverent "Jesus I need a Mint." Jeff always seems to receive those gifts. The candy store was randomly showing Little House on the Prairie, and it's the really sad episode where Laura sells her horse to buy her mom a stove, and her dad buys her a saddle for the damn horse. (Be right back, sobbing). I alerted the woman behind the counter this was a really sad episode, with no response. I'm just trying to save you from The Gift of the Magi on the Prairie, okay?

Next, just around the corner, there was a magical cookie shop. No, there wasn't any weed in the cookies, the weed comes later. But they had fresh baked cookies the size of your head. So we all got one, but I ventured into the unknown magical land of a S'more cookie. This wasn't like marshmallows in the dough, this was an actual S'more sitting on top of the cookie. I can't even describe how rich and wonderful it was. Money well spent. Then we headed down to Jax's for some shoe shopping, and nagged a surprise scarf for Dana, and my Tom's.

That night Jessica and I headed down to the Amphitheater which is south west of Denver. We easily parked, and proceeded to walk into the most beautiful venue I think we've been to, to date. It was just magnificent no matter what way you looked. There was some rain, but man it was so beautiful. There were rainbows, and the sun rays shining on Denver, you almost just have to go yourself to really see what I'm describing. We were offered some weed by some nice girls, but hey, we declined. What an education. The show was great, and it was a fast but great trip. We'll see you again soon Colorado.

Here's some shots. (Apologies, not matter how I arrange these, they still will end up in the wrong place.)

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