August 6, 2014


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I know I have plugged The Legend of Korra before, but here I am doing it again. With recent news that the show has gone completely online, it's met with some reservation, but also relief that I don't have to have cable to watch this amazing show. In the season finale of the first season, Korra loses her ability to bend. (In this universe, people can manipulate water, air, earth, and fire for good and bad, kind of like the Matrix, but I've never seen it.) Back to Korra, she is at her lowest point. Her entire existence of being the Avatar (Master of all 4 elements) is contingent on bending, and she is extremely upset at the notion of not having a huge part of her identity anymore. But past Avatar Aang (rhymes with clang) visits her, since all Avatars share a spiritual connection to each other, as part of their past lives. He says the following, which I think it pretty profound. "You have finally connected with your spiritual self. When we are at our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."

Isn't that amazing!?  It simply blew me away. Knowing all of the spiritual lessons from the first series, I knew it would be touched on again in The Legend of Korra. It was an Ah-Ha moment. Could we all go through various difficult times because they are meant to change us the most? When we have nothing else to give, those are the moments we must get through. We come out on the other side bettered, enlightened, and have a stronger sense of self worth knowing we've survived. Highly recommend folks, highly recommend.

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