August 14, 2014

Ben and the Band

Hey Team,

So just wanted to give you another little dose of yet another concert I went to last week. My friend had a busy day of weddings for 3 of his friends, so guess who got to use his Deer Valley tickets? That would be little old me. I invited Gavin along for the ride, and it was great. Another cold and beautiful experience and ticket stub to add to the pile I have in my manilla folder at home. Ben Folds is so funny to listen to, and his songs are sometimes stream of consciousness, but it works for me. Plus, he really, really knows how to play the piano. Always a plus. He also had backup singers, and they really did add an extra element and combined with the Symphony was magical.
He's reading the program intently. He was just hoping for a trail map so he can come back and ski. 

Here's to angst and blankets,


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