July 3, 2014

The Overnighter

Hey Team,

So I survived. Sunburned and now peeling like a snake, or much like the paint on my car hood, I survived.

First off, I had a fantastic group of folks that helped me immensely. On my committee, and otherwise. To toot their horns, they just get it. They get things done, and most times don't even have to be asked. So that was the best. It saved my bacon, time and time again. My sister, who knows me so well, even texted me the following on my way down to LC Ranch.

Doby (pronounced Doe-Bee) is a common nickname between us
Second, the location was, how do you say, PERFECT. We traveled down to Altamont, Utah, to LC Ranch, and it was amazing. So much room for everyone to play, sleep, eat, and of course frolic. To travel back to December/January of last year, I wasn't having any kind of luck finding anything up here. Like ANYTHING. So when I remembered some of our clients at work ran a ranch down in Altamont, I knew it would be the perfect solution. It totally and completely was. There were beds and couches for almost every single person that came, and even a Yurt to eat all of our meals in. Wikipedia defines a Yurt as a portable, bent dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia as their home. We had a deluxe Yurt since it was air conditioned, had cement floors, and even a television in there. They have multiple ponds and lakes in which you can fish, kayak, canoe, and probably swim in. Also I can't forget to mention the chandelier over the picnic tables either. It was pretty darn classy folks. Almost glamping if I dare say. 
And now, a plethora of pictures. 
Pretty, No?

The Megan's and the Chandelier, notice the Yurt on the left

Main Lodge Photo Credit Kaylie Connolly

Flower Beds were pretty impressive LC 

More Greenery

Front Lawn


This could be an engagement shot 

Megan, Gavin, Myself, Lauren, and Ryan 

Here's to mini-vacations, 


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