June 27, 2014

Here we are

Hey Team,

What a few crazy weeks! My sister Jentry and her daughter Penny came to visit last week, and it's almost taken me a full week to get into my rhythm again. I'll have a full post dedicated to Penny and all the pictures I took. No sweat.

I took the day off since I'm off to Altamont, Utah for my ward's overnighter. It's essentially in the eastern armpit of the State. We aren't really camping, we're staying in lodges. Am I allowed to use the term Glamping? (Glam Camping)

Tents are being used by those who love to camp, like it's tradition in their family or something. As Jim Gaffigan says, "Camping was tradition for everyone until we built houses." John and Debby never, ever took us camping, for which I am grateful. The only time I ever went camping was girls camp. So, roughly that's about 6 times, plus a time or two when I lost my mind and went with other groups. So it's safe to say I don't love it or hate it, it's just the lack of sleep I always seem to get. In addition, the happiest camper is the one leaving the campground. So as the chick in charge I voted we camp the best way possible, INSIDE. So wish me luck, and I will return with a full report.

It's always strange to plan something for so long, stress so much, and hope everything will come together. Please pray no one will cause me to lose it/go postal on them. I've seriously considered bringing a stress ball. I just can't handle both having fun and being the host. The happy balance just hasn't entered my psyche yet.

Here's to dumb luck,


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