July 8, 2014

Jana's 4th of July Weekend

Hey Team,

So when everyone was out celebrating with family and watching fireworks, I took the higher road and became a wonderful hermit for the entire weekend. I was housesitting up above Hogle Zoo, and I hadn't really landed per say since the overnighter extravaganza. So happily I slept in, did next to nothing, and stayed up late for the entire weekend. Megan, Lauren and I got Costa Vida on the 4th, because nothing says Happy Birthday America like american-ized mexican food. I was so hungry and concerned when I didn't see too many people when we pulled up Friday night, but sang praises when the doors opened and there was a huge burrito waiting for me. Along with a Cherry Coke.

We then proceeded to watch Adventures in Babysitting, a classic 80's flick. It really was so epic. Then we had girl talk for a few hours, and not many people can make me laugh like those two. Loved it. So there was my anti-climatic weekend, but I really needed the R&R, and I really am looking forward to our belated family party Saturday.

Here's to belly laughs,


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