March 20, 2014

Health Stuff

Hey Team,

So just to tell you a little about my oldest sister Jentry. She is great. She's always been the golden child/oldest/leader of the siblings. She just defended her Masters Thesis, and wanted to tell you a little bit about how great she is. Jentry is as smart as a whip, and will call you out on your crap. Everything you need in a sister essentially. Jentry and my niece Penny are visiting in June, and I cannot wait. Only 88 days to go. Jentry is into the natural way of things, without the dreadlocks and lack of showers. She has turned me onto a few health blogs, including Wellness Mama which is on my blog list as well for future reference.

This morning I tried Oil Pulling. If you don't know what that is, here's a great article from The Healthy Home Economist she sent to me about it. So as I anxiously put a tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth, and felt it starting to melt, I turned on some JT to distract myself, because what makes me feel better than JT? Nothing, I tell you, nothing! Then Jentry kindly called to make sure everything was going okay, but I tried my best to blurb out a hello, without spilling the oil everywhere, and gargle a few answers before my first 5 minutes of oil pulling was over. I only gagged a few times, mostly while brushing off my toungue, (happens normally), and getting rid of the oil. (You aren't supposed to swallow the oil since it can carry bacteria into your stomach.) But I made it. My mouth feels really clean, and as the article says, it can help with a lot of issues, so we'll see if I can actually make it to the 15-20 minute mark. That seems like an eternity based on this morning.

Another favorite experience was when Jentry was in town and I had my annual spring cold. We made an elixir of sorts which was called Garlic Lemonade. No typos here friends. So we threw in some magnesium, emergen-C, vitamin D, some lemon juice, and garlic. I guess the garlic helps get flem out of system. I still remember the faces we pulled as we both chugged our glasses. Not for the faint of heart.

It's been nice to see what she has discovered each month, and what new healthy thing she's trying next. My favorite is to text her and tease, "What witchcraft will help solve this?"

Love you Sister,


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