March 25, 2014

Josh Radnor

Hey Team,
Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Radnor
Photo Credit: Huffington Post
So a few years back I saw a magical movie at Sundance. Now, when I say magical, I really mean magical. The writing, the message, the cast, the very soundtrack was spot on. Jeff and I were waiting at the Broadway Theater for standby tickets. We came upon two Cali girls, Brittney and Tara, and we are now all best friends. We even got back together this past January for dinner when they were in town for the big party. They are the best!

So anywho, you are probably wondering what this has to do with Josh. Well folks, it was his movie. He wrote the script, directed and starred. The total triple threat. It's called Liberal Arts, and it's such a great movie. It was the perfect ending to Sundance that year. I highly recommend you go watch it asap.

Here's a great article Josh wrote for the LA Times on kindness that I loved.



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