March 17, 2014

Spring Breaks and Hickeys

Hey Team,

So sorry to be MIA for a second, but boy did I need it. I had a glorious week of no class, and I had most nights to myself. I may have revisited Austenland, watched the movie twice, and re-listened to the book once. What? A girl only has time to daydream on Spring Break ya'll. It really is a fantastic book, obviously I highly recommend either medium. Keri Russell holds a huge place in all of our 1995 hearts, okay? We all wanted to have Ben as a boyfriend, crazy roommates and college experiences just like Felicity, so it's fitting that Keri would play a fantastic heroine in Austenland.

My favorite activities of the week include; Getting ice cream with Augie and Landen, taking Ezma on a walk and watch her meet horses for the first time, sleeping in on cardio day and not feeling overly bad about it, laughing out loud at work over Austenland (the book), reacquainting myself with my favorite leather couch downstairs, having some friends over and laughing our guts out, going to Chubby's for Mexican with Megan, and just not going to class in general.

As far as hickeys go mentioned above, my ward had a Comedy night on Thursday, and an improv troupe came to perform for us. Like a fool I gave up my cell phone for them to read conversations from, and they chose the most colorful conversation to read. So now the whole ward thinks I have hickeys, and frankly, it's a compliment to think I have the time or an exciting enough life for the likes of those.

Here's to gossip,


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