February 25, 2014

Some Coldplay for your Tuesday

Hey Team,

So we all have differing opinions of Coldplay. Some of us hate them, some of us love them, but it's a free country ya'll. My relationship with them has spanned many years, my first hard core listening began with their album X&Y my freshman year of high school. Many pull the hipster card arguing their older stuff is better, but i'm usually open to new things. I saw them live for my first time in California, and though I was in the back, the band came all the way back and played a few songs, and I was never the same. They just have something I crave, and their songs rarely get old to me. Sure, the radio wrecks most of them, but some I will never tire of. Here's a new one from the boys called Midnight.

Here's to the Chris Martin's of the world,


1 comment:

  1. i too am hot for coldplay. thanks for the new song- i discovered my new dance move. they gave me the fist pump with viva la vida, now i've got the wiggling arms for midnight