February 21, 2014

Feminist Friday: Olympic Scandal Edition

Hey Team,

Today is less about fighting for rights, and more about grace. When the Olympics came to Salt Lake when I was 12, it was amazing. We put on a great show for America, and it was the first party after 9/11, so we really had to bring everyone together. It's the only factor that will be missing if we bid for the Olympics again. We don't need another national tragedy, just that it was time to move on and heal, and that's what we in some part provided to our country.

One of my favorite sports to watch is skating. I think it's amazing. The coreography, the jumps, the beautiful costumes, and of course the horrible commentary (only Mark Hamill should be allowed to say anything).
When Canada and Russia both won gold at Salt Lake, it was pretty crazy. As a kid I always thought the couples were in love, cause boy they can sure act like it for a while. It mirrors today's scandal of Russian scores being inflated, blah, blah, blah. It doesn't really phase me because I have no skin in the game. And trust me, my skin would never get used to being shown so much anyway, and I don't think Spanx would be allowed on ice.

Here's the long program from 2002.

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