February 28, 2014

Feminist Friday: Mindy Project Edition

Hey Team,
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I love The Mindy Project. After reading Mindy's Khaling's Book "Is everyone hanging out without me?", I was hooked. Mindy is a fantastic writer and main character, who shows me that though it may take tons of work and persistence, you can have it all. The career you love, someone you can shop and gossip with, and someone you can come home to. Though all of her ducks are never all in a row at the same time, I really appreciate how realistic some aspects of the show are. Things go wrong for her a lot, but she still picks herself up each time, and that's nice to see someone else going through what we all do. So hooray for Mindy!

Side Note:
I was worried that the second season wouldn't be quite as funny as the first, but once again I was wrong. It's been a great season, with many Danny/Mindy moments. The winter finale left us all totally shocked, and I cannot wait until April 1st. I think I'll even start a countdown on my phone. But the only worry I'm left with is Mindy Project will turn into New Girl, which got more and more disappointing when Jess and Nick actually got together. So I'll hold my breath and hope for the best for Mindy Project. If anyone feels differently about New Girl Season Three let a sister know.

Happy Friday!

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