February 14, 2014

Feminist Friday: Frozen Edition

Hey Team,

Happy V-day ya'll. We all have our own opinions of the Holiday, and spend them in different ways. I personally went to the gym this morning, and only two girls were wearing pink on the other treadmills. So life goes on. I'm happily crashing on my favorite leather couch tonight, eating an entire bag of chocolate cinnamon bears my mother bought me from Mrs. Cavanaugh's, and I'm going to watch super fun night. I really can't think of anything more wonderful, other than being bra free and in sweats. Trust me, that's happening too.

For this week's Feminist piece, Davis, a family friend from Seattle posted this on Facebook, and I just loved the article. It's from Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a psychologist that writes articles for Babble.com, who talks about 3 ways Frozen breaks the norms of your typical Disney Movie. Funny/Great Stuff.



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