February 11, 2014

Breaking up is hard to do

Hey Team,

So last week I had to pay some serious stupid tax. It's what Dave Ramsey calls the situation when you aren't prepared for something either emotionally or financially. Lucky for me it was a combo meal deluxe. Ben Hur gave up the ghost. I got a newer car, and I'm still getting used to everything. New car smell tree, new memories to make in the 96 Toyota Carolla, new songs to hear on the radio.

I pulled into the repair shop with everything smoking. I felt like John Candy in Uncle Buck, with smoke spewing from every inch of the vehicle. Ben-Hur's radiator had bit the dust, and it was time for a new one. So we put one in, too bad the head gasket still wasn't fixed, and it would have been another $1500 bones to fix it. So I parked my car on the Utah Direct Auto lot, and there it will sit until it's taken to the junk yard to be salvaged.

Debby helped me clean Ben-Hur out, and I teared up thinking of the 8 years I spent with this car. All of my tassels from college, high school, all of the firsts I'd had with this set of wheels. It was a really tough day. I don't mean to be so down about it, but anyone that knows about parting with their first car gets it, I think.

I made a request of my salesman that he take off the Ben-Hur sign off the back of the car so I could have it to remember him by.

Here's to first cars,


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