November 22, 2013

Windpocalypse 2013

Hey Team, 

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My friend and I termed this phrase a few years back when we had crazy wind in Davis County, and it just stuck. So yesterday while hurrying to change and get to class at the U, I started yelling/singing "WINDPOCALYPSE!!!" as I hurried in and out of the freezing wind. I do love winter in all honesty, with the fleece pajama pants, and the 

But to turn to the more serious, my stake president a few months back related a story that really stuck with me. It was about an old farmer who hired a young hand to help around his farm. On a dark, windy, stormy and altogether horrible night, the farmer bustled in and woke the young hand annoyed and frustrated that he wouldn't already be up helping to tie things down and prepare for the storm. But before the hand could even get out of bed, the farmer went out into the storm to see that the young hand had already prepared and tied everything down. 

The lesson gleaned from this tale is "Can you sleep while the wind blows?" Are you prepared for the grey clouds that life can bring? Well, to tell you the truth, I did sleep pretty well while the wind blew last night. But there is still much to do to prepare myself in other ways. Hope we can all have a little R&R this weekend, and take some time to rejuvenate ourselves, and prepare for what looks like a busy and happy holiday season. 

Here's the picking up sticks, 


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  1. Love this. I don't care how childish it is, metaphors, analogies, anecdotes--they all make ten times more sense to me! Haha.