November 30, 2013


Hey Team,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My one and only brother was in town with his wife Madison, and it was super fun to see them. I don't think I've ever seen him so happy and calm for the most part. (For him, that's a pretty big deal) On the morning of turkey day, we were drying some dishes to try and stay ahead of the pots and pans. We then commenced the great dishtowel show down of 2013. You know how you can get one end wet and then give each other welts like no other? We did that. We would each get a turn, giggling and gearing up for the next turn. There were plenty of misses and great shots, but I had the two best, and Jordan got some great welts. On my second great hit, we all just started laughing really, really hard. It was almost therapeutic to kick his butt and then laugh about how awesome that was with the rest of my family looking on. I love my brother, but sometimes kicking his butt is what's needed.

This weekend I am lucky enough to be house/dog sitting out in Salt Lake, and take a break from everything. I even got up to let Zaps out this morning at 8, and then proceeded to go back to bed and sleep on and off until about 11. I don't think something like this has been accomplished since Rock the U dance marathon last year, or high school probably.

I took Zaps on two walks to Liberty Park this weekend, and boy do they just feed my soul. I can't articulate perfectly what they mean to me, but it's a bundle. Just walking with this black, furry, humongous, gentle giant, with the cool air blowing, the sun shining, City and Colour in my ears, and smiling at the strangers passing by. It's just so different than hitting the gym, I can just go at my own pace, not in any hurry, nowhere to be. I can even make Zaps sit down so I can answer a text, or so we can take a look at the pink flamingos at Tracy Aviary. I should be doing homework tonight, but screw it, I'm going to continue relaxing because I have earned it. Zaps is also a notorious cuddle bug, and I'm not complaining.

Happy Weekend Ya'll,


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