September 24, 2013

What our Parents didn't tell us

Hey Team,

There was a great article from the Huffington Post the other day about how Generation Y's are unhappy. It can be found here.

What I loved the most about the article is how true it was for me. I'm almost done with college, and yet I don't have the sparkly career job where I travel the world, change lives, and feel so fulfilled that I could never see myself doing anything else. That will take years for me to find, and I know once I find it, it will be so amazing. The same goes for anything that is of worth to anyone. If you get it right away, you never really appreciate it.

I think what my parents didn't tell me as I grew up is how long it takes to get the things you want. Notice how I said things. Yes, they are materials, a house, a car, but they are important to me. I have to constantly remind myself to save money, be patient, bite your tongue, and put your nose to the grindstone for a few weeks, months, and yes, many, many years. Because not everyone has everything they want right out of high school, college,  insert life event here. Not even me. I think the bigger lie we may be told or think to ourselves is that everything fits into place ever.

I loved the words of encouragement I found in Paul Angone's 101 Secrets for your Twenties. It was full of don't sweat the dumb stuff, or avoid doing this to yourself because it stinks... type of advice. It was wonderful and I'd highly recommend it. So whether you are at a quarter life crisis, or need some real life advice, this book is a great read. Quick and simple.

Here's to the 9-5'ers.


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