September 30, 2013

A Big Fall/Gravity Check

Hey Team,

So there I was, sitting at the Old Spaghetti Factory surrounded by the most beautiful and wonderful women I know. We had just attended the Relief Society General Broadcast, which ended early might I add! Not that I was counting...
Anywho, I was wearing my new purple dress that I found at Nordstrom Rack for like $30. Talk about fate ya'll.

So our waiter comes out of the kitchen with our drinks, but little did he know a second groups of folks were coming on his right, and in order to avoid hitting them, he spilled some water on Jessica and myself. No big right? It was the first time it happened, and it could have been spaghetti. In my hair, or down my back. I'll take water. So I brushed it off, and you couldn't even tell.

So the "drama" was over right? Wrong. As I got up to use the restroom, tragedy struck. But more like a laugh your self sick tragedy. There was still a sizable puddle between jessica's chair and my own. So as soon as my right foot hit it, my foot completely slipped from under me, and before I knew it, I was on the ground with the chair, flashing my nude-colored spanx to the table next to us. Luckily it was some really nice women who were concerned about my well being. So I quickly got up, and said I was going to recover my pride in the bathroom. Sadly, it wasn't there. But Jessica and I were laughing long and loud, and all was well. Plus, those kind of falls keep you nice and humble.

No dress tears or bruises to report, and come tomorrow my accident plan will be in-force, so I can break something then. But really, I made a few adult decisions last week and set up an IRA, and a Life and Accident Plan. Do I work in Insurance or what?

Stay safe out there,


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  1. It went in slow motion for me. How about you?