September 16, 2013


Hey Team,
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So I just wanted to make a plug for a great book/movie. Shannon Hale wrote Austenland a few years back, and it is so funny. I listened to the audio book, and it was laugh out loud hilarious. It takes you on a great adventure with Jane, an Austen fanatic, who can't seem to make her romances work like in the movies/books. She visits a resort in England where you act an an Austen-like existence in the Regency era for a few weeks. It was made into a movie by a local director, Jershua Hess, and it's now in theaters everywhere. (Originally at SUNDANCE!)

So I highly recommend both, since I've only been to see the movie twice, and I'm on the waiting list for the companion book Midnight in Austenland at the Library. I'll let the trailer speak for itself.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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