September 12, 2013

Comic-Con: Salt Lake City Edition

Hey Team,

So yes, I did nerd it up last Saturday and decended with 70-80,000 other people to the salt palace to get my nerd on. Now, just to let you know I wasn't quite as prepared as the oober-impressive others who dressed up as anything and everything imaginable. I figured my psych t-shirt was a safe choice, knowing that the faded green text couldn't be read easily, and it would take a pretty well-versed "psycho", as the fans of the show are called, to understand the reference and joke. One girl actually did recognize it and complimented my t-shirt. I gave her a hearty thank you and smile, and my day was made. If I wasn't already happy enough to get it.

Tragedy almost struck before I was even give my wrist band. Jeff had invited me to come, since Comic Con isn't meant to do alone, and especially not for first timers. So I got into the building, and then got into the correct line for my registration/wrist band. But there were wonderful volunteers that were starting to tell us that the whole operation may be shut down. The doors were being shut, and people were being turned away (kind of). So panic started to set in. But later they said we were safe since we were in the building, and I got registered and the precious red wrist band, which I still have obviously. First Comic Con in Salt Lake Ever? I'm totally keeping my piece of history folks. We were also the 4th largest convention for Comic Con in the country? What's up now Seattle?

So we wandered for a few glorious hours. I complemented every costume I thought was impressive, and each and every person was glad of the validation. It's a tricky thing going to the center of all nerdom, and feeling good about something you love so much, and representing it in such a personal way. Making yourself into your favorite characters is a big deal, and everyone did such a great job.

My favorite people we saw was a family walking towards Comic Con when Jeff and I were satisfied with our Doctor Who T-shirts. It was a Doctor (the Dad), River Song, (the Mom), and the two daughters were little Daleks in beautiful little dresses. I was so happy I yelled "Family of the Year!" and they smiled and kept walking. I'm so sad now not to have a picture, but it's okay. This is truly the only picture that matters now.

The best thing about the whole deal wasn't the stars, and it wasn't the impressive merchandise, it was just getting really excited about wonderful characters, stories, and things that stay with you, even watching or reading them the 50th time. I got giddy over LOTR shirts, and 15 Matt Smith's walking around. I just felt like I belonged, and no matter where you get this feeling, it's wonderful to have. So here I am getting sentimental about Comic Con and being a nerd. Who's with me?

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