August 2, 2013


Does anyone else suffer from the first to bed, first to get up syndrome that haunted each and every sleepover I ever attended? I couldn't help it. Sometimes I was so tired from the fun, I dropped off to sleep quickly, and within seconds I was out cold. This made me a lame sleepover attender, since everyone was always so keen to stay up as long as possible, talking about boys, and sometimes each other when you safely knew the others were asleep. (Guilty as charged) Then, when morning light streamed in, I was wide awake, just trying to stay quiet so the others could sleep in longer than I was lucky enough to.

One time I had a sleepover in a field across from a friend's home that the family owned. I had to use the restroom so bad, that I actually went down to the local grocery store to relieve myself, instead of just using the one in my friend's home. I didn't know if her family was awake, so I thought it was the better option.

Another occasion I was at a birthday party sleepover, (the mother-load of sleepovers) and a friend didn't bring a pillow. I offered her mine, and then once she was fast asleep, I didn't realize I was left without one myself. I think I stayed awake until about 3 am, and then was so tired I finally fell asleep. Sensing a pattern here?

A third time I was sleeping over at a leader's house so we could watch the classic BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, but my mistake was starting the 5 hour ordeal at midnight. So you guessed it, we stayed up until 5AM watching the bloody film, using lemonade and licorice as our fuel. But since I had to head down to the local farm for work at 7am, and my Mother wouldn't take this fiasco as an excuse, I ended up with two hours of sleep.

So all in all, I've decided that I am not cut out for sleepovers. As an adult you don't have quite as many, but I sleep best all by myself, so I can snore as loudly as I please, without the worry of waking others or preventing them from going to sleep. I love having a mattress, my many pillows, and just being a privileged sleeper in general. If I ever marry, my poor husband will have to put up with a lot. But I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

May peaceful slumbers find you tonight,


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