August 6, 2013

The D word. DATE.

Hey Team,

I found a pretty funny video today from Yahoo Shine, which was asking the age old question, "Is this a date?" Being born and raised in Mormonville, it's sometimes tough to take so much dating advice, and to be constantly reminded of my single state. I'd probably be even more happy being in my current situation, if no one constantly reminded you of how "alone" I am. *eyeroll*

(When my sister and I play Testimony Bingo in Fast and Testimony meeting, there is a specific category for the girls who go up and say "I'm okay not being married.")

But back to the dating situation. No one dates. Can I just point this out? It's amazing that anyone ever ends going on a date with the same person twice from where I am standing. Can someone help explain the second date secret I am just not understanding? It's like reading Hebrew. I am just not capable of reaching the second date tier!  It's difficult enough finding someone you can stand for more than an hour, let alone FOREVER.

One very large pet peeve when it comes to dating is that the other person can call the shots of the definition of a date. As in, "Oh, this isn't a date, we're just hanging out." GIVE ME A BREAK GENTS! To me, a date is when you spend time alone with another person, and one person pays for the activity like dinner or a movie. Yes, there isn't always an attraction, and you don't always fall in love with them. But if it is planned, paid for, and paired off, it's a date. Can we just establish that? I don't understand why some guys are so hesitant to call it a date, and sometimes even girls. It's not like I'm dragging guys off to the nearest chapel to seal the deal.

If the other party calls it a date, I will buy a new outfit, curl my hair and be extra excited for the time I get to spend with them. If we're "hanging out", and I have the choice, I will come in sweats. Why shouldn't I? Because according to you, we're just bros chillin, and there's no reason to impress you. I like to feel special, (who doesn't!?) and hanging out isn't special. It's just another Friday night spent with people you don't know, and the entire night is spent wishing you were home watching a movie you actually like.
(Cue flashforward to 50 years from now when I'm yelling at kids to get off my lawn with water balloons in my moo moo and dentures.)

Here's to going on official dates.


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