July 29, 2013


If you drive an older car like me, driving in a car with windows that roll down is a luxury. Other amenities include doors that will lock with the click of a button, and a speedometer that doesn't bounce freely when you are above 60 mph. My "classic" '95 Taurus is drawing ever closer to it's 20th year on the road, and I thought I'd let you know about my glorious time with the grandma car I gladly drive.

My father called me up one Friday night and said, "How about a car?" So I gladly accepted, and we went to pick it up the next day. On the way home, I distinctly remember the loosey-goosey speedometer making itself known, bouncing anywhere from 60 mph to 85 mph depending on what pot holes or bumps we came across on the freeway. We looked at each other and shrugged, assuming this is how it was. It still does this from time to time, and if I ever get pulled over for speeding, and the officer asks how fast I was going, I'm not sure how to answer this question.

The car's name Ben-Hur comes from the famous novel and movie, but there is a small sign on the trunk stating the vehicle originated in Sioux Falls, at a Ben-Hur Auto Sales. Thus, the name literally stuck to the vehicle.

Though it's always been an old car from the moment I got it, the freedom to go wherever, whenever is a great feeling. I am strangely anxious when the car is being fixed in the shop, or I'm stuck somewhere helpless if it overheated. I just hate the feeling of being without it. This car has been with me since my 16th year, and though a newer car is most likely in the cards, I think I will be sad giving it up. Isn't it strange how nostalgic you can get about a car? You form so many memories and the large piece of metal becomes part of your identity and life. Your first boyfriend, your first mirror taken off by pure stupidity, you first dates in high school, and driving yourself to your first day of college.

It has truly been such a blessing to have a generous father and mother who gave me this vehicle that has safely delivered me through snow and rain, got me through high school and college, and kept me safe from harm.

Here's to you Ben-Hur!


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  1. I was in love with my first car too. It was a white Ford Escort wagon - also courtesy your Pa. One summer day somewhere in our time together I had it washed and was up at the Smith's on 6th and parked it directly under a light. When I came out it was gleaming in the light and from that day it was known as The White KnightNight. When I turned it in for the dreadful stupid Passat I rather choked up. That car was very very very good to me.