July 25, 2013

Summer Television

Hey Team,

Is there anything better than great television show in the summer? Most fall shows are on hiatus, and you've already seen most of the blockbusters to hit the big screen. So what is a girl/boy to do? Just sit back, eat that Pace's popsicle, and turn on the tube. Here's what I recommend.

Now, the title looks a little scary, but it's actually crazy good. It's an A&E show, based on Craig Johnson's book series about a Sheriff in Wyoming. I watched the first season via Netflix, and the second season is currently running on A&E via Cable. Great show, characters, scenery, writing, you name it,
this show's got it.

I know you are saying to yourself, "What the hell is this!?" But trust me, this show is crazy cool. It's like Wipeout, but with twice the drama. It's a competition where crazy fit people try to get through an insane obstacle course. Though these folks will achieve a lower body fat content than I had in my mother's womb, it's an entertaining show. It almost makes me want to go to the gym.

And last but not least, the best cop show ever. Now in my defense they haven't added NYPD Blue to Netflix so I can compare the great cops. But this show has a lot of heart, laughs, and I just love watching it each week. Currently in it's fourth season, so there is a little catching up to do. But let's all be honest with ourselves, who doesn't love Netflix marathons on the weekends, complete with bathroom and snack breaks?

Happy Binge Watching!


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