July 19, 2013

Death of a Thank You Note

Hey Team,

So I may be old fashioned, but I feel completely justified getting angry about something I thought everyone understood. This should be common knowledge right? So here's the dealio of life as Michael Scott would say.

If people attend your wedding reception/party/insert life event here, and bring a gift, or just plain come to celebrate with you, they appreciate a Thank You Card. As in, it's a dying art and no one does it anymore. The unspoken rule is you have a years time to get those notes out, newlyweds! The anger fire is even more kindled when I see my parents or people around me do kind, generous and wonderful things, who are never recognized by others and go unnoticed. It truly makes me nuts. (Insert I weep for the future here)

I write them every few weeks at work for our clients, new and existing, and I've written plenty lately with graduation and the generosity of the amazing people in my life. I am so proud of myself since I haven't been a slacker, and I've sent one for each and every gift I received.

So why do others feel that they don't have to? I feel like it's a lack of gratitude and downright class. If you've just had a great life celebration of some kind, shouldn't you turn around and say "HEY, thanks for making this great, or celebrating with us?" (cue "Read the bible, the 10 lepers will set you straight!")

I don't mean to get on my soap box, but dang it here I am. After almost 5 years of wedding receptions, I probably have received two thank you notes for attending or a gift I brought. Seriously, Folks?
(I typically don't even bother with gifts anymore because I know I'll never be thanked for them. Is this considered crashing a wedding? Or too selfish of me?)

So this has been your public service announcement on writing thank you notes. Who wouldn't like to get a hand written thank you for ANYTHING, it doesn't even have to be for a major event. Even a hello in written form can do wonders for any relationship. So take a moment, buy some super cute thank you cards at Target like me, and write a thank you note today. You will instantly feel three times better.

Here's an example of what can happen. (Email from an insurance rep to after I sent her a Thank You)

 I got your thank you card today. Thanks so much! It really made my day!"

Here's to buying stamps!


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