July 26, 2013

Jana's Guide to Seeing Movies

Hey Team,

So thinking back on my life-long love affair with movies, I'd thought I would clue you in to the one thing you will to do before hitting up the next rom-com or summer blockbuster.

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess everyone has seen movies, at home, in a theater, or maybe even on the side of a house at a summer party where the hosts are attempting to be extra hip. I tend to get eaten alive by mosquitoes, so I tend to shy away from outdoor activities where I can, since I look extra cool toting my mosquito candle to every outside party.

(Just got home from an on location shoot in Montana which I will blog about soon, and the amount of mosquito and horsefly bites on my legs and arms is astonishing.)

Bring the correct friends/family
       Now when I say this, I mean bring the type of people who work for the movie genre. If you are seeing a comedy, you aren't supposed to go with uptights or prudes, and above all  people who don't share the unique sense of humor that is personalized to you. Just don't bring them. It's a recipe for disaster. I tend to laugh really loud, and really long at things some people might not think are hilarious. But that's why I'm not friends with them, or bring them to movies I love or think will be great. My good friends who have gone to multiple movies with me know that I usually get lost seeing movies, and I will nudge or elbow you when it's a really cheesy or exciting part. Thank you for putting up with me!

When my parents were dating, or married, I don't remember which, they went to see a movie. For this example, we'll say it was Foul Play with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase. A friend of John's knew he was in the same theater because of his huge belly laugh. That was it. No other factors. This is me, just the next generation.

When I just barely saw Despicable Me 2, I went with all girlfriends, who loved to laugh, and Alex in particular has a huge laugh like myself. At the end of the movie, I was snorting, crying, laughing and having trouble breathing all at the same time. I'm telling you once and for all, bring the right people. Going with those who actually laugh out loud gives you permission to let loose, get into the movie, and just have fun. Remember movies are for entertainment and enjoyment, not sitting with your hands clasped waiting for the credits.

(Take note that this also applies to Drama, Documentary, and all other genres that come to mind. Don't take the happy-go-lucky friend to Hamlet.)

And that's all you need to enjoy your next flick.

Happy Movie-going!


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