September 4, 2012

Premium Rush

So this is truly the year of Joseph Gordon-Leavitt. Most of us LOVE him in 500 days of Summer, and especially in Inception, and the Dark Knight Rises. He's just so fantastic. But the select few of us knew him even before the explosion of greatness. He was originally discovered and cast in "3rd Rock from the Sun", which in my opinion one of the greatest comedies to ever reach television, and all of the seasons are now on Netflix I believe. Hazzah! My sister told me Jo had some trouble getting cast after 3rd Rock was done, because that's all people knew him for. Well, all those casting directors are now kicking themselves. Karma is great when she's on your side!

Also, a fun fact about Jo, he has a company called HitRECordjoe, and he collaborates with all kinds of artists to create media, parties, all sorts of things. He even came to my favorite Sundance last year and put on a discussion/show. He's so artsy!

So, I went to go see Premium Rush, his bicycle movie, and I was a little disappointed, mostly with the writing. It lacked a lot of the heart it could have had. It's more of a renter than a go pay $8. So just rent it if you are truly interested, and then we can all go see Looper together, because it looks fantastic. So here's the trailer for Looper, and more cuteness with Zooey. (New Girl Starts up again end of September). Enjoy Joseph! We all worship the ground you walk on.

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