September 25, 2012

Doctor Who

On Sunday during dinner, my Dad surprised me with a mission story. He usually rarely shares these, and I eat them up like chocolate cake. John served in merry England, in the late seventies. I mentioned Doctor Who, (which I will get to in a second) and he said, "The theme song always reminds me of Sunday nights, because our landlord used to watch it while we would eat dinner. I hate that song now, it makes me crazy!"

Well folks, that song makes me crazy as well. Crazy about Doctor Who. Initially I knew nothing about this show, only that a wardie (sp?) Sharlene watched it, and that was about it. But when Debby joined the Pinterest, in the Geek section, which I'm now perusing every day, there was all of this fan art about Doctor Who. Who was this David Tennant, or Matt Smith, or Christopher Eccleston? I had no clue. But now it's as if these men are part of my life. And my social life is almost over, since all I want to do is watch this show. And I need to graduate, and make money, and pursue that American Dream stuff. (My dream is turning into Move to London, just to watch TV.) Let's be real folks, the Brits know how to do TV. i.e, Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes, Foresight Saga, All Creatures Great and Small, I could go on and on.

Bringing it back to John, he has passed on his addictive personality to me, and Debby as well. When John watches a show (at least since Netflix, and the purchase of his Ipad), HE WATCHES A SHOW. Meaning, he watches for hours and hours and hours, until he is done. Like until three in the morning. (But I am the same depending on the show, and what I have the next day.) So when I watched the first episode, a switch flipped on in my head, that is labeled "Your social life is over". Not that I go out every night as it is, but I at least try to have human, face to face contact now and again.

So here we are, a few months later. I started watching it between Summer and Fall semester, big mistake. I should have started watching this in May of 2013 after graduation. But here we are. It's such an amazing show. It brings you everything great, drama, comedy, aliens, history, time travel, romance, and everything else imaginable. This show has been going on since 1963 people! So we follow a man named "The Doctor", he doesn't have a name. But he travels in a spaceship/time machine called the Tardis, and explores the Universe. Doesn't sound that great, but trust me it is.

So that's why I've been underground. I'm even going to attempt making a short film honoring Doctor Who for one of my film classes. Call me a nerd, call me a freak, I'm totally okay with it. I'm having such a good time being so into something it's crazy. It's better than drugs right?

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