August 1, 2012

Convergence Journalism Final Project

So as most of you know I attend the University of Utah. Here's a project I've worked on this semester highlight ASUU, or the Associated Students of the University of Utah. Enjoy!

During the summer, typical students at any University are off on vacation, working, or simply doing anything but school work. But for the ASUU (The Associated Students of the University of Utah) leaders, summer is the time to plan, prepare, and start booking large performers for the 2012-2013 school year. 

Their are many sections of ASUU, including Executive Cabinet, Senate, Presenter's Office, and many more various groups that work with ASUU. Most have weekly or monthly meetings, and are consistently working to enhance students experiences on campus. 
You can find out more about ASSU here

The Presenter's Office for example is in charge of bringing different acts to campus, like speakers, concerts, performing arts, and films. Each manager and assistant manager works the entire summer to book acts, draft contracts and agreements, and all of the behind the scenes tasks that make their shows go off without a hitch. Other events include RedFest our fall start of school kick-off, and the Grand Kerfuffle in the spring, where students can attend big-name acts for free.

Other events include the Arts Bash, set for September 5th on the Library Plaza, which will feature performers from the University, including our world famous Marching Band, various dancing groups, including our break dancing and swing clubs, and everything else you can possibly think of. For more information, click here

Rock the U is an ASUU event, set for  where the Huntsman Cancer Foundation hosts a 24-hour dance marathon, and all proceeds go toward the Foundation. The Presenter's Office is hoping to add a benefit concert to Rock the U this year as well. For more information about the board click here

So with all of this being planned and prepared for, ASUU still has a lot of fun, and helps a large number of students every year, with different programs like the Career Advantage Program, Child Care and Tutoring Center for Students, Personal Money Management Center, and a Scholarship Program. So ASUU is a great resource for all students who attend the university, undergrad, graduate or otherwise. 

Here's ASUU's Chief of Staff to highlight his thoughts on ASUU. 

For more information, please follow the links above. ASUU is very excited about the upcoming school year, and great things are coming to campus!

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