March 19, 2012

Spring Break

Hey Team.

Here's the low down on my spring break. It was amazing! I really wanted to catch up with people. I think we can all agree we go through different stages of being oober social, and then oober anti. It just depends on how we're feeling, and how are schedules look. Usually I take things day by day. To start, I don't have classes on Friday, so my life really isn't that difficult. But the Friday when Spring Break started, I CLEANED. You know those days when you have a bee the size of Texas up your butt, and you spend the entire day just cleaning. I love those days. So I cleaned out my closet, sent shoes and a trash bag of clothes to the DI, did 3 loads of dishes, a few loads of laundry, and emptied all the trashes. Plus some energizing yard work because it was sunny and slightly cold.  Geez Louise you think I did enough? The feeling of accomplishment was spectacular. I then did some computer bag shopping with the one and only Rylee, and I cannot express how funny she is. Even an hour with this one just puts you in a great mood. I believe we went down every aisle in Office Maxx, and bought a super-duper bag for Rylee's grown-up conference for work.

On Saturday I went to Guster. This was the most random, funny, and unpredictable concert I've ever attended. Here's a pic, but I'll say no more so Jessica has the freedom to blog about every awesome moment. 

Sunday night, I watched the Family Stone with Karly, Jess, Jan and myself. I love this movie so much, and it doesn't have to be Christmas to watch Christmas movies. So, so great.

Next, Debby's birthday was approaching. For those who know me well, you know I call my parents by their first name. They don't give a rip if we do, so we do. We bought her some snazzy shoes and scrubs for work, and they were a hit. We also went as a fam to The Garden for her birthday. John surprised her with the new Ipad when she returned from a trip to Colorado yesterday.

Next, Nate and Camille. Now these are two of the coolest "marrieds" I know. They are so chill and fun, and I love their baby Charlie. We sat and talked pretty late on Tuesday night, and I just loved every minute. Nate of course shared some great stories of wrecking some getaway cars on wedding days, and I was laughing like the days of yore. One included Nate putting some baby powder into the vents of a car, and once you turned the AC on, it was game over. You couldn't see a thing. Awesome ensues..

Spring Break also included some Augie time. On Wednesday we went and got some lunch at Schmidt's Pastry Cottage in Sugarhouse, and I want to go right back there at this moment. It was so delicious. Then we caught a dollar flick, and saw We Bought a Zoo. I wasn't used to Matt Damon not killing people or stealing from billionaires, but it was a really good show. I don't think I've realized how much of an animal lover I am. Like those women who wear shirts like my 7th Grade science teacher Mrs. Lenz. So maybe I'll go get one. When NBC nightly news had a segment on reuniting dogs with their soldiers from the middle east, I wept like a child. So I just love animals. Augie also beat me at a game of pool, and I could only manage to sink the white ball into the corner pocket, (like 6 times)
but I had some pretty good shots. A rematch is in the near future.

Thursday was a big old day. I needed two days just to recover. I went to B&D Burgers with some old ASL buddies, and it was a hoot. We are all single ladies, except for Kylee, who is set to be married in June. Fiona and I then went to Ali's apartment to meet this little guy, whose name is Toby. Cutest thing ever right? He is 3/4 poodle and 1/4 cocker spaniel. Between Fiona and I, we probably said cute about 85 times. I'm so glad she snapped a pic of this little guy. He even had a carrying bag, which just sent me over. Cuteness overload. I will be visiting again soon.

To further the love of mother earth, and I went and saw the Lorax with Mary and Rachel on Thursday. I loved it! My word, 3D is pretty rad. I laughed aloud a lot, and I love friends that aren't embarrased by my huge belly laugh. To add to the happiness I also got a job offer, so to quote Survivor "The Search is over." Hooray.

Friday and Saturday were kind of a blur. I went on a day trip to Farr West with my Aunt Catherine, and my fake Aunt Julia. There is a little wreath stand, that a farmer named Lyle Dabb runs up there, and he makes natural wreaths out of everything. Branches, Lavendar, you name it. So I found a perfect one for my front door, and here it is. 

So all in all, it was fantastic. I got some good reading in, and I just feel ready to end my semester on a high note. I'm getting really nervous about doing my first ever summer semester, but I know I can do anything I put my mind to.

Good luck on recovering from your Spring Break Hangover.

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