March 5, 2012

Sundance 2012

Hey Team,

So begin, I know it's like MARCH..and I still haven't posted about Sundance. For shame self. So here it goes. I was really wary about returning to Sundance in 2012, because 2011 was my first year, and it was just magic. It truly changed my life. So how could I top that? Plus meeting Bobby Kennedy Jr.? I mean seriously!?

So I am so happy to report that they did top themselves. They somehow pull it off each year, and I couldn't be more thrilled to go again next year. Here are some highlights.

I saw five films, and four out of the five were documentaries. My cup of tea if you will.

First, "Putin's Kiss". It was an inside look at Putin's Youth, the pro-Putin youth group in Russia, and the rise and fall of one young girl who was the face of the group. It would be a great watch in light of Putin's current re-election, and the scandal constantly surrounding him.  It was really interesting, and also kind of scary. I'm always grateful to live in America. Though people may hate my President, I respect him, and none of us will ever understand how much pressure he faces, and in my opinion, he is doing a great job.

Second, "Chasing Ice". This was a wait list at the SLC library. Great new venue I might add. We were sitting like front row, so it was truly in your face. It followed the National Geographic Photographer James Balog, and his journey to the colder corners of the earth to capture global warming through photography. He set up cameras facing glaciers, and with the help of timers and heavy duty set up, they captured the glaciers melting over a few years. It was so visually stunning I nearly died of happiness. Balog somehow made the most treacherous of landscapes beautiful, and important to those who have never journeyed to those places. See It. I think National Geographic was in talks of showing it on the cable channel. So keep your eyes peeled. You can also follow their company, Extreme Ice Survey online, or on Twitter. (EIS)