January 11, 2012

Red Tails

Hey Team,

I think it's time for another coming soon movie review.

Five words.      Hott. Black. Men. Flying. Planes.

What else would you ever need in a film? Ne-yo you say? Oh that's right, he's INCLUDED!!! I'm talking about Red Tails, the story of African American pilots in WWII. First off, the movies that say "based on true events" are some of my favorites. I feel like its usually a really good interpretation of the genuine event, and it's so much easier to connect with a movie if you know it's legit.

African American Experiences was one of my favorite classes at the University of Utah. (Despite the awful T.A.) It was full of everything awesome, and I believe a few semesters after, Spike Lee came to Kingsbury Hall, and it honestly changed my life. Hearing from a director who has made film after film that has changed the game, was so amazing. I'm usually a star struck person in general, so I was pretty much drooling the whole time.

I had recently watched Malcom X, the story of the famous historical figure, played by my favorite Denzel Washington. Spike spoke about filming a scene. (Yeah I refer to him as Spike, because we're pretty much BFF's in my mind.) He spoke about how Denzel truly wanted to have the correct approach to playing this great man. So in respect of the Muslim religion, he didn't eat pork, and observed other rules to prepare for the role. Spike said something along the lines of

"We were filming a scene where Denzel was giving a public speech. He was already through a couple of takes, and we were quickly running out of film. (This was in the days of using actual film.) Suddenly, Denzel was off script. But he wasn't making it up. We actually lost Denzel to the spirit of Malcom X. Denzel later told me he couldn't remember what he had said during the scene."

Totally amazing right? I got the chills and everything.

So that was one of my favorite moments when I first decided to do film.

Back to some other hot black men, I'm so excited to see this movie. With George Lucas producing, there is no way this movie will not be enjoyable. Here is the trailer. Enjoy! It comes out January 20th.

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