December 8, 2011

New Fantastic Find

Hey team,

Just wanted to let everyone know that there is no better joy than a new find. Whether it be music, a great book, or hell even a boy. But today I'm going to share a new website that my co-worker told me about. It's called I had never even heard of it! It's a division of ebay, and you can find sellers who will give you music, books, games, and movies for dirt cheap. The great thing is you can buy them brand new, from a high rated seller with good reviews, and you only pay for the item and shipping. Can you say awesome? Now I can own all of those great movies I've never had the money to buy! And who doesn't want to save some money these days.

Here's a few examples....

So I want to buy Angels and Demons from Dan Brown. I look for a seller with 100% on their rating, and look, there's azulio_outlet who is selling it for a dollar. Awesome right!?

Next, we'll go to a little lighter subject matter, how about Ang Lee's masterpiece Sense and Sensibility? Well, I guess Jane gets some credit too...I found it for $3.61!

Now for the best Christmas album ever made, Mariah Carrey's Merry Christmas, I found for $1.49!

And the ever classic Diddy Kong Racing, for Nintendo 64,
my favorite system, is $4.59.

So you get the picture. Textbooks are also available, Audiobooks, the whole nine yards. So you do have to sign up, which is a bummer, but I'm excited to search around and see how much I really can save on all the stuff I want to get. So there you have it. Happy Hunting for Christmas Gifts!

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