November 15, 2011

EZMA the dog...

Well we've come to the end of our rainbow as it were with my brother's dog EZMA. Yes, EZMA. It's so funny to see people's faces when I tell them her name. If you are not familiar with Disney's classic movie Emperor's New Groove, this is the hillarious villian of the movie. So there you go. I've posted so many pictures of this dog while we have been watching her, I doubt I'll have anything else to post when she returns to Seattle in a week and a half. But I just wanted to share some of my favorite moments of having a dog.

We never had one growing up, we just had neighbors who had dogs. Jessica lovingly hung posters and posters of puppies all over her walls, and one day wished we could get that joyous puppy in the red wrapped Christmas box, complete with air holes. But that puppy never came. We had enough kids to keep our parents busy, and they probably didn't want more messes all over the house. So we waited. Either to move out, or for John and Debby to break down and get us one.

Whenever I would visit with people with cats, and they loved these animals like children, I guess I never understood. I would pet these furry creatures and pretended that we liked each other. But usually they bite you, refuse to be held, or just completely ignore you. Waste of space, honestly. Something inside of me flat out refuses to like them. With dogs, you have their love unconditionally. Win Win.

So when this doggie came to our home, it was a big change. She had to go out. A LOT. Like at 7 or 8 in the morning, when I barely knew my name, had raccoon eyes, and no underwire, for the world to behold. I wish I would have placed a hidden camera across the street, because sometimes it must have been pretty darn funny to see myself in such a state.

But it was fun to see my parents in "Grandparent Mode". They loved this little girl like she came out of a human womb, and bought her toys and treats like she was an honest to goodness Stoneman. Which she is. As a Stoneman Family we are a nickname bunch. Mostly we make them up with no real connection to anything. But boy do they stick. EZMA's have included, Doby, (like Debby with an O, not the house elf in HP.  pronounced Doe-bee) Dumpster Diving Diva, Ez, (Ease), Furry Baby,  Ez-Louise, and so many others I can't remember.

But here is a list of favorite activities/moments with our grand-puppy.
  • Her Grunts. Whether sleeping or yawning, sighing, or having chasing puppy dreams, she's got the grunt down.
  • When she waits at the top of the stairs for me, follows me around the house, or the click of her paws on the tile. 
  • Last Sunday we had an epic game of hide-and-seek. I would chase her into the living room, fun as fast as I could into a dark room or bathtub, and knock on the wall (her least favorite noise) like someone was waiting at the door, and she would bound in. I'd jump out, chase her back and start all over again. 
  • Having long rides, where she sticks out her bearded face and have a freeze out with herself. The looks from other car drivers were priceless. 
  • When she wakes up, her beard is usually matted against her face in the most hilarious way. 
  • Her high jumps onto Debby's bed, the curious cocking of her face to the side, and fetch, where multiple pictures would be knocked down, including one of Jesus. Sorry Jesus.
  • Her greeting when I get home late from class, work, etc. She can hear the grass grow I'm pretty sure. So she'll hear me park, and wait at the door, barking and whining. I open the door, and she jumps happily, sometimes even touching my face, she can jump that high. We happily say hello and all is well. 
  • Dinner time. She places her warm head on my leg, longing looks up at me, and who could refuse that face? She knows how to work me over, and she did get fed a bunch of morsels. 
  •  Dressing her up. For Halloween, Debby and I found some devil horns from one of Jessica's old costumes. She was so mad. We were laughing so hard tears were streaming down our faces.
  • When you get out of the shower, she will lick all the extra water off of your leg. Gross but cute. 
  • And finally, finding her sweet spot on her belly. Many a lucky tummy scratch have occurred, and one or sometimes both of her legs will begin pulsing almost.
We will miss you Ez.

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