December 12, 2011

Morning Glory

You know those movies that you always meant to see....but never did? Yeah, this was one for me. I know my good friends in Broadcast Journalism either have already seen this movie, need to pronto, or they will quickly be living it. It is the story of a work-a-holic Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams), who gets a job as a producer for a struggling 4th-spot morning show. Comedy Ensues. I really liked this movie because....

  1) Rachel McAdams is fantastic. Hilarious. Beautiful. Unstoppable. Etc. Ditto for Diane Keaton. 

  2) Harrison Ford could be my great-great grandfather. But a favorite. Ever since Six Days, Seven Nights, or Fugitive, Star Wars,(remember the "I know." line after Leia confesses her love before Han is freezed!?! Seriously!? A woman came up with that line.) Plus a collective sigh was let out from each female who agreed to come with her nerdy husband/boyfriend. At some point I'll watch Blade Runner and see what the big deal is. Also, I remember a funny story from a Jay Leno episode. (Sorry I remember pointless information.) He started a story saying he needed diapers for his grand baby. He asked the store clerk where the diapers were, and unfortunately, the store clerk directed him to aisle 6. Too bad aisle six was full of depends.

  3) It's always nice as a college-goer to see someone get a job. Because a degree will get us far right?

  4) Two words. Great Soundtrack. Including Natasha Beddingfield's "Strip Me", which rolled during the credits, and am impromptu dance party ensued with my sister and I. Man...Stoneman's can't dance, but we sure tried. We were panting by the end. (It was a really long song.)

So Stoneman says....

See it! It's a delightful comedy, and I really enjoyed it. On a Netflix Instant Queue near you.

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  1. AGREED AGREED AGREED!!! I LOVED this movie. It was so great. Let's watch it again, yeah?