July 25, 2011

You're a Wizard Harry

I understand the hype for this last movie has been lasting for years on end. Now here we are at the end. I honestly cried the first time I saw the trailer in theaters. And each additional time I saw the trailers. My brother looked at me dumbfounded as to why. But then again he did say, "That's gonna be so FREAKING good!!!!" Oh Jordan, it indeed was.

These books were first introduced to my family at Christmas time when the first three books were already released. ("Happy Christmas Harry!") (Now I want knitted sweater from Mrs. Weasley, with a J on it...) I then ate each book up as they were released and I became know as a semi-crazy fan. I never dressed up, and i'm wishing that I had made a purchase of a gold and maroon scarf, or at least some round harry glasses. But in the 10 year stretch I did attend a Harry Potter Party with some sorority sisters from Nu, where we had Butter Beer, which tasted like liquid candy, and I think I probably got about 3 cavity's with one glass. Delicious though. So the era has indeed ended, but as Daniel Radcliffe has said, we will carry this story with us, and pass it onto the next generation. (I'm planning on reading this to my children right after the Bible.) Here is a sweet video a friend posted on FB, and will bring a few more tears.

                                                                       Oh, and go see it.

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