April 14, 2011

Miss Representation

I'm so excited this is my first official critique of a movie. This film originally premiered at the Utah Sundance Film Festival this year, but I was unable to see it. Luckily the U had a special viewing of it. This film explores how the current media is creating a challenging world for young girls, not only through the immense pressure to be beautiful, but having no where to look for examples of women in power, especially in the political world. In addition, the most powerful women in the country are constantly being criticized for having that power, or looking or conducting themselves in a certain way. Interviews come from various men and women in the media, political world, and from high school students. These students are experiencing the dire effects of the media on their siblings and friends, who are too young to be thinking like an adult, or thinking they need to be as beautiful as an adult.

Stoneman Says: See it!
The best of movies are ones that get you thinking, and empower you to take action. This was one of those. It made me happy to be pursuing film, where a small number of directors and producers are women, and only 1 female director, (Kathryn Bigelow, for The Hurt Locker) has ever won for best director. The only problem you are facing, is that the movie has not been "purchased", meaning that a film company isn't showing the film nationally, it is just found at film festivals, and universities. If I can find any more showings, like from the Salt Lake Film Center, I'll post it up. Call me a liberal, call me a feminist, you are probably right. But there is never anything wrong with someone discovering how much power they have, just by being confident in themselves and their abilities, male or female.

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  1. wow- that trailer was powerful. i'd see this film